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Original Screenplay

The Pounding Echo Of the Cucubana & The Coqui

By Daniel Maldonado & Hector Carosso

A deeply creative and original story
— The Blacklist
...very original and beautiful...I really loved the tone, dialogue and world of this story”
— Sundance Collab- Jeremiah Zagar "We The Animals"

Six months of longing for the return of a lost cruise ship brings little resolution after its mysterious vanishing. Faith, hope, prayer and reason conflict in a small Puerto Rican beachside community frozen in time as a blind kiosk worker & her brother struggle with their father’s disappearance. With a parental trans woman & the contradictions of closure that surround them, their journey for answers bring dream-like manifestations and magical transformations of ancient folklore that may provide answers which religion, mysticism and even rationality cannot in a psychic landscape between the living & the dead.