as we celebrate the Lunar year of the pig, we would like to share some updates of current projects

Creative Mosaic at The Plaxall Gallery will be opening this September and will feature the many talented artists working in Queens along with the exclusive premiere of the new video piece “CARNIVALE” made in collaboration with composer Mike Vernusky

Daniel is also busy with an upcoming commissioned project where he’s collaborating with composer and intermedia artist, Jeff Morris on a short film based of an improvisational happening at the 2018 NYC Electroacoustic Music Festival. The film will also feature the work of synesthesia artist April Zanne Johnson & percussionist Joe Hertenstein.
Here is a sample documentation of the instillation


In collaboration with screenwriter Hector Carosso (H.O.M.E.), we are happy to announce the completion of our latest feature script titled:

The Pounding Echo Of The Cucubana & The Coqui

This surrealist spiritual fable set in Puerto Rico, revolves around a young blind woman, her little brother and a small beach community faced with the mysterious disappearance of their loved ones aboard a Caribbean cruise ship. Struggling with months of complicated grief between hope & closure, the characters search for healing through faith but find answers in the supernatural, metaphysical and mystical realms.

The script is currently in its early stages of development

Finally, the award winning feature film H.O.M.E. is available for purchase on DVD & Blue Ray as well as for streaming on Seed & Spark. Visit the film’s website Home page to access. https://www.homeacronymfilm.com/

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