Animated Love - 1994; 16mm

Mindrape - 1995; 16mm

Secret - 1995; 16mm

Buttercup - 1995; 16mm
-Max Ophuls Festival of Film, Saarbrucken, Germany, 1996
-Blue Hearts of NY, MOP Distribution, Germany, 1997

Kings - 1997; 16mm
-Hero Festival, New Zealand * Closing night film, 1998
-Brooklyn Film Festival, * Honorable Mention, 1997

10,082 -1999; Super 8mm
-U.S. Super 8mm Film Fest, New Brunswick, NJ,2003
-Coney Island Film Festival, 2003

Pacifier - 2000; 16mm; (Producer)
-Slamdance, Park City, UT, 2000
-Micro Cine Fest, Baltimore, MD, 2000
Chicago Underground FF 2000
Other Cinema DVD Release- Xperimental Eros, 2007

Stickers - 2002-2004; 35/16 mm
-9th Annual Boston Underground Film Festival, Boston, MA, 2007
-3rd Annual New York City Horror Film Festival, NYC, NY, 2004
-Clash of the Artist Competition, NYC, NY, 2007
-Independent Horror Festival, Normal, IL, 2005
-Austin Film Festival, Austin, TX, 2005

Episode #22 - 2008; Super 8/16mm
-20th Annual U.S. Super 8mm Film Festival, 2008
-Visiones Sonoras, Morelia, Mexico * Invited Conference Filmmaker, 2008
-Flicker Film Festival, Spokane,Washington, 2009
- 12 Nights Festival, Harold Golen Gallery, Miami, 2009

Lalo - 2009; HD
-15th Annual San Antonio Film Festival, SA, TX,
-10th Annual HBO NY Latino International Film Festival
-Downtown Film Festival(SLVR LK FF) Los Angeles
-10th Annual San Francisco Latino Film Festival
-Giggle Shorts , Toronto, International Comedy Short Film Festival (opening night)
-10th Annual Bicycle Film Festival (Over 20 Major cities worldwide)
-17th Annual San Diego Latino International Film Festival
8th Annual Reel Rasquache Art & Film Festival- Opening Night, Pasadena, CA
-SiTV/NUVO TV : Cinema Uninterrupted; Summer 2010; - National Cable Network Broadcast

Episode #21 - 2009; Super 8/16mm
-Commissioned Instillation for MATA-Young Composers Now!, New York, NY, 2009
-Flicker Film Festival, Spokane,Washington, 2010
- Fountain Art Fair, Art For Progress, Miami, 2011

A Haiku For The Ghost Riders -2013; Super 8mm (work in progress)

H.O.M.E.-2015; HD, Feature Film in Production